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Dear Roomie

Some rules are meant to be broken.Ghita Russo’s dating history is dire. Men kick her cat, demand full frontal photos, and can’t let her win at a simple game of mini golf. Determined to protect her heart, Ghita lives by a strict set of dating rules.Rule Number One: Never date your best friend’s brother, no matter how insanely hot he is.But when Ghita needs to save money and her bestie suggests renting a room to her brother, she finds herself dancing dangerously close to the edge of disaster.Logan Scott, recently free from a toxic relationship, moves to Dallas for his dream job. After meeting his insanely brilliant roomie, he can’t deny his attraction, especially as the chemistry ratchets up between them.Ghita has finally met her match with Logan, but will he play by her rules?

Hammer My Heart

All’s fair in love and war until your heart is on the line."This book was 200+ pages of foreplay! I never realized a slow build could be so much fun. Such a uniquely original concept, Michelle Angelle brings the thrill of HGTV with a hilarious behind the scenes take in Hammer My Heart."
-Goodreads Reviewer
"Everyone needs more laughter and good hearts and strength and love and sex in their lives!!! Hammer My Heart brings it all. Max and Sam had me rooting for them from the beginning."
-Amazon Reviewer
"What a FABULOUS Romp in the world of reality TV and the intrigue and romance involved with filming these types of shows and the manipulation that happens. I loved the characters and LOL'd lots of times."
-Goodreads Reviewer

Until Next Year

Two best friends. Ten New Years. One last chance to get it right."The romance with Gloria and Jacob is all about pine and angst. It takes these two forever to get together. A lot of miscommunication, missed opportunities and second guessing. When it finally happened though, it was worth the wait."
– Amazon Reviewer
"What a sweet and creative follow up to Dear Pink! I loved getting to know Gloria and her romance with Jacob!"
– Amazon Reviewer
"Gloria was the perfect imperfect FMC, one who didn't want to mess up her life long friendship. The connections between the characters were wonderfully done, and the whole style of the book with the chapters each being Gloria's birthday was a nice little twist, although my heart was hurting with each year that passed!!"
– Goodreads Reviewer

Dear Pink

Will an unexpected bucket list change Hannah and Gabe’s lives forever?"We all know why we yearn for Romantic Comedies. We want to meet women we’d be friends with and join them when they swoon, cry, laugh, or ache. This book gives you that and more. It will seduce you with laughter, dropping your walls, then gut-check you as it deals with loss, grief, fear, and the sheer audacity it takes to really live well."
– Goodreads Reviewer
"Loved the cast of eccentric minor characters and adorable animals with all the ensuing antics. And the mysterious communications from beyond. But what stays with me most are Hannah and Gabe, in all their vulnerability, their sincerity, and their courage. Every page made me feel either worried, turned on, giggly, weepy, and in the end, tickled pink!"
– Amazon Reviewer

Wrong Guy, Right Room

Where the wrong guy, might just be the right man."What a delightful romp in the sack! Fast-moving, deftly written and wickedly comical. “Wrong Guy, Right Room” captivates from the outset and is laugh-out loud funny. LOVED it!!!!"
– Amazon Reviewer
"This rom-com was light, hilarious, and sexy. The authors created refreshingly smart comedy mixed with fun romance. I snort-laughed reading this. Such an easy and modern read with lovable characters. Couldn't put it down!"
– Goodreads Reviewer
"I laughed and cried and couldn’t stop turning the pages, with the bride-to-be facing an onslaught of shock and deceit, misreadings and memories. Loved the hot bed scenes. Long before she learns the secrets of her own heart, Katie stole mine! Put this one on your gift list!"
– Amazon Reviewer

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Michelle Angelle is the pen name of two best friends who write modern love stories with a hint of spice. This book-fueled duo resides in Texas, dreaming of empty nests and writing desks on a screened-in porch.

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